Habitat Walk

IMG_2639Our day began at the Washington Headquarters in Newburgh, NY where students (about 30) attended the annual Habitat Walk for Housing. Hosted by Habitat Newburgh, which continues to build homes, communities and hope, we participated in their advocacy event to bring attention to the issue of substandard housing here in Newburgh.IMG_2640

Out in the beautiful weather, we set up a table that displayed Tagua Nut bracelets from Ecuador, the Best of Hudson Valley Basket Raffle tickets, and About Us handouts.

At the event, students from Excelsior Academy conversed with local and widespread community members about our goal and vision as young leaders to better our community.


Excelsior students, Alejandro Juarez and Elise Goings-Perrot, talking to local volunteer for the Habitat Walk.


Co-Principal Matteo Doddo, providing his support and chatting with excelsior students, Taina Caballero and Cindy Vaquero.


Half of the students who participated in the Habitat Walk taking a group photo. Other students were walking and engaging with the community.



Excelsior Students, Maribel Ramos (with sunglasses in the center), Alejandro Juarez (with the red sweater on his shoulder, and Jason Solis (with black and grey shirt) speaking to community members about the free trade Tagua Nut bracelets from Ecuador.















After the Habitat Walk, students concluded their volunteering efforts and services with outstanding food at the Pizza Shop located in the Newburgh Waterfront.


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2 Responses to Habitat Walk

  1. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Marilynn says:

    Living in Mexico I see a lot of loud snotty young Americans. These kids will never be like that, this is a wonderful program. Good wor Matt.

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