2018 Cohort


Aiyanna Beltran is a proud Puerto Rican American. She is a strong believer in “being the change you want to see” and has always had a heart of service for her community and others. Outside of school she has a strong passion for dance and is inspired by the creativity of makeup artists. She hopes to take her heart of service to Cambodia to impact the lives of those she meets, and to impact the people of her own community when she comes home.



Cristina Martinez is Mexican and Peruvian. She loves traveling and helping others. On weekends you can find her volunteering at the Hudson Valley SPCA, a no-kill animal shelter. She can’t wait to go to Cambodia and help those in need.





Alexis Camacho is in her third year in P-Tech Excelsior Academy. She is attending classes on a college campus during her third year of high school.  Coming from a Puerto Rican family, she’s excited to learn about and experience the culture of another country. She’s also excited to help in anyway she can.jeremiah



Jeremiah Palemon is a Caribbean-American on the Track & Field team. He is artistic and loves to volunteer whenever he can. He’s also a part of the non-profit organization 100 Men for Newburgh. He’s looking forward to volunteering in Cambodia this summer because he dreams of helping others who he might never meet otherwise.manny



Emanuel Santana is an avid jokester and likes to make people laugh. He loves to keep up with what’s new in sports, technology, and cars. He also loves to play video games in his spare time. When he’s not doing any of those he favorite he loves to volunteer. He wants to see his ideas in action, and use his devotion to his community to bring joy to others.


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Tamara Guzman is an extraordinary young women who established a non-profit organization called “Wellz Kids” that provides food and clothing to homeless and low-income families.  She is a  motivational speaker who goes to colleges, universities and after-school programs. Her experience in foster care caused her to love who she is, taught her there are people that will love and support her.  Her influence is Maya Angelou, since they both express themselves through poetry.




Eliana DeLeon is a smart, caring person who has a love and passion for writing. She spends her downtime playing video games and studying for math. Eliana is very assertive and honest, inside and outside of her academics. After her experience in Cambodia, she hopes to bring new ideas back to her community to make it a better place. cherokee


Cherokee Morning is a third year student in Excelsior Academy. She values her education and strives to learn more about everything. Currently, she volunteers at the Newburgh Armory, where she teaches coding to elementary and middle school children. She is excited to learn more about the world and work with people from different cultures.juan



Juan Pepi is a motivated project manager who is happy to lead a group project, or help those who are struggling. He has taken part in many volunteer experiences like helping Habitat for Humanity and volunteering for the Special Olympics. After his experience in cambodia he’s looking to forward to coming back with a new outlook of the world.