2019 cohort

Alex Nguyen is an active and talented person who is always trying to help people whenever he can. He is on the wrestling team, and loves spending time listening to music. He’s a very artistic person who loves to share his views on things, while also learning what others think. He’s very interested in what happens on the global news, as he wants to help those who are in need.

Matthew Wasson is a natural leader, who loves to help the community and make it better. During his free time he likes to hang out with friends and play video games. He co-teaches a coding class called Arduino at the Newburgh Armory and is always looking to further his knowledge.  

Morgan Stroud is an outgoing student who likes to explore her creativity in arts and crafts. She enjoys crocheting in her free time and is currently on the indoor track team as well. Aside from school and sports, Morgan also enjoys volunteering at different school related events and is looking forward to the work she will be doing in Thailand this upcoming summer.

Tariq Evans-Smith enjoys volunteering, mostly at the events for Temple Hill Elementary School. Outside of playing sports, Tariq spends his free time playing video games, hanging out with his baby sister and watching Allen Iverson highlights. Tariq enjoys listening to older music from the 90s and early 2000s as well as watching old movies.

Catherine Dabbs is an energetic outgoing person that loves to spend time with friends and family. On her free time, she loves to volunteer and try to make change in her community.  She loves watching her favorite show on Netflix, “Fuller House.” But, most of all she has a big heart and cares about everyone and their feelings.

Christian Molina is a proud Puerto Rican American that is in his third year in NFA P-TECH. Christian is a quiet, kind-hearted person who is always generous. He likes to spend time helping family around the house and volunteers whenever he can to give back to his community around him. While volunteering, he loves to meet new people, learn new things and make the best out of the time he shares with people. He is excited for his new experience on his upcoming trip to Thailand.

Alana Harris is a sweet and loving person. She is in her third year in NFA P-TECH. Two days out of the week, she works at the Newburgh Armory where she teaches computer science classes to kids. After her trip to Thailand, she hopes to have learned to appreciate for the things she has and to be able to bring her ideas back to her community to make it a better place.   

Mariana Lopez is working towards an Associate Degree, but outside of school, you can find her helping out at her parents’ restaurant, helping kids out at the NAUC Tutoring Program, and participating in multiple clubs. She is excited for the new experience awaiting for her as she gets to help Burmese refugees and learn from community-change makers. She hopes to give her best and help others as much as possible.

Returning travelers:

Jeremiah Palemon is a Caribbean-American on the Track & Field team. He is artistic and loves to volunteer whenever he can. He’s also a part of the non-profit organization 100 Men for Newburgh. He’s looking forward to volunteering in Cambodia this summer because he dreams of helping others who he might never meet otherwise.

Colton Andress is a third time traveler with Global to Local.  He is a kind and caring young man who enjoys helping others and is very much looking forward to working in a leadership role with Global to Local this year.