Kiwanis of Newburgh does it again!

IMG_6187Here we are in the final months of fundraising for our border study in San Diego and Tijuana.  This can be a stressful time of year, as we work to make sure every detail is thought of, and the students are working hard to procure the last of the funds we need.  Where would we be without the support of community organizations like Kiwanis of Newburgh?

Last week, Christian Molina attended the Kiwanis meeting, where he planned to update members of the organization about last year’s trip to Thailand, and Global to Local’s plan for this year. Christian is a returning traveler, which means that he applied and was selected to go on a second trip, and he has agreed to act as a mentor for the new cohort members.  None of us had any idea that he would leave with a check to support the volunteer work of this year’s cohort, but Kiwanis never fails to amaze us with their generosity and dedication to the young people of this community.  We extend our sincerest gratitude for their continued support!

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