Mae Rim Village

While in Thailand, we went to a hill tribe village and we encountered an experience that was unforgettable. We got to this village not knowing anything about what we were going to do and we ended up being greeted by amazing kids that were grateful for everything around them. We were at the village for two days with the kids. The first day we got there, all the kids were super happy to see us. Our task was working on finishing a cement road for the village and the kids actually wanted to help us with it. We were shocked with how much the kids were willing to help. After all the work was done we decided to play with the kids. Volleyball and soccer were sports every kid at the hill tribe village enjoyed. After the first day of hard work and a magnificent time playing with the kids, we headed back to the lodge where we were staying at. The children seemed sad because they didn’t want to see us leave. The next day, we traveled back to the village where, thanks to our hard work, we had finished the road on the first day. When we arrived there, the kids were so happy that everyone came back and couldn’t wait to play and see what we were all going to do next. We were also very excited to be back and have anither opportunity to play with them. 

The second day, unfortunately, was the last day we were able to spend with the kids. Before leaving on the second day, Christian and I said goodbye to the kids by handing out the bracelets we owned so the kids could remember them. We wore these bracelets throughout the whole year and brought them on our journey to Thailand as a parting gift for the children. Another way we said our goodbyes was by hugging all of the kids and by making up handshakes to remember. In return, the kids ended up giving everyone cards saying,”krub Khun Krab” meaning,thank you” showing that the kids were super thankful and happy that everyone came to visit their home. This village we visited left a heavy impact with us and with the kids left an unforgettable experience in our hearts. Our time with the kids was unforgettable because it gave us a new light on how people who have so little live life to the fullest and appreciate everything we take for granted.

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  1. What a cool life lesson. Well said. And it’s so good to forge new friendships, especially across cultures!


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