Please VOTE for our $100K project!

We have an awesome opportunity that we would like to share with you in the hopes that you all might be willing to publicize it and support us!

We are in the running to win $100,000 through the Farmer’s Insurance Thank America’s Teachers Dream Big grant and we have a 1 in 3 change of doing so!  After traveling to Cambodia this summer to study how shared public spaces are used for healing, we are partnering with international non-profit architecture firm, MASS Design, and the Blacc Vanilla Community Foundation in Newburgh to build a memorial in our city that traces the forces which have shaped our history, beginning with slavery in the Hudson Valley and moving through deindustrialization, urban renewal, etc.

To win, we need to get as many votes as possible during the month of October. Here is a link to get daily reminders via text or email; if you would be willing to sign up or share it with your friends and colleagues, it would be so helpful to us:

Here is a link to the page to vote. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY SUPPORT YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE US! Voters just have to scroll down our video to vote:

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.04.27 AM


About christine mccartney

I am a teacher, a wife, a proud aunt, a dog rescuer, a person who has been rescued by my rescued dogs, a hiker, a four time (phew!) cancer survivor, a runner, a tattoo addict, a vegetarian, an advocate, a friend and a happy traveller. Enjoy!
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