Adapting to Communal Living

While some people might not be used to living close to each other, some people are.

Communal living can be hard for those who prefer to be alone. Introverts have a difficult time being around many people for too long. Some even feeling physically drained or sick after awhile. Many need time alone to unwind and process the day’s events. Being used to a lot of alone time might make it uncomfortable to be living with 20 people.

On the other hand, for someone who has a very open and extroverted personality, it’s easy to live in close proximity with people.   Knowing these students for all these years really helps with homesickness. Living with people who you spent 3 years with made it easy to feel at home.  Although obvious challenges in communal living will occur, we have the mindset ready to overcome anything. The family-relationship we all share as a group has strengthened our willingness to interact, allowing us to grow.  One of the definite pros of communal living is the teamwork skills we are all learning.  Living here at Casa Victoria, and having some students help Alicia and Dan with the cooking and cleaning, makes us feel included and helps us with different family values.  All chores in our living space have been done as a team, allowing us to strengthen our communication and leadership skills, preparing us for our student-led impact projects upon our return.

IMG_2238Here we have Nestor doing some cooking for all 21 of us on our first day in Casa Victoria.  He says ” given this great opportunity and everything that comes with it, I wouldn’t be satisfied if I wasn’t able to pitch in.”

We are all grateful to be here and to be able to do everything we can to help Dan and Alicia with their amazing foundation.  We can’t wait for the days to follow with the kids and also to experience more moments with these students while living together.

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2 Responses to Adapting to Communal Living

  1. Ashley Schebesta (teacher at Cornwall Central HIgh School) says:

    Well written!


  2. Communal living is a step towards community building, and I’m glad you’re having this opportunity!


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