Today we had the amazing opportunity to stand with our feet in both hemispheres as we played around with the science of the Equator and learned about indigenous tribes of Ecuador at Mitad del Mundo.  Scroll through some pictures below and check out the video at the end.

IMG_9230Jason takes a minute to pose with a traditional Ecuadorian mask-wearer.


During our informative tour, we learned that in the 19th century muraiya Shuar became famous  for their elaborate head-shrinking processes and were able to see a real shrunken head ourselves.


Everyone peeking in to see the head (which we could not photograph due to it being part of a private collection).


Aboya posing with her new “friend.”


A replica of a shrunken head.



Here we are learning about the environmental movements in Ecuador and the actions taken to protect biological diversity.



We learned how certain Chiefs were buried in chambers such as this with their (still alive!) wives.


…and visited an actual hut built by natives.


Can’t take this guy anywhere 🙂


Dangers abound…


Listening attentively to our guide about how their are no hurricanes, typhoons, or tornados along the Equator because of centrifugal force (pictured above and below).



Chaperone photoshoot!


Taking every opportunity to capture the moment.



Intense one on one competition as we took on the egg balancing challenge.


Proud holders of egg balancing certificates of excellence.



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3 Responses to Equator!

  1. Wayne Hall says:

    You are such great travelers and ambassadors and sharers..keep it up…Wayne Hall.

    Wayne Hall scribewayne@aol.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post and photos. Looks like a lot of fun for everybody. (Of course I am not happy to see your head inside a serpent’s mouth…. lol.)

    Talk about subservience, sending lives wives on the journey with their deceased husbands!


  3. Charles Lehmann says:

    What you are doing for your students is amazing. You are a truly dedicated teacher. Glad you are having an awesome experience. It looks like a beautiful place. Love, Dad and Madelyn


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