Wondering how we’re doing down here?

DAY ONE:  We were super-busy taking in everything our host city had to offer today, and adjusting to the altitude, so here’s a little picture collage to sum it up:


Ms. Hesse and Nestor standing on the rooftop of Casa Victoria.


Chefs Jason, Dan and Nestor cooking up our locally-sourced breakfast.


Cindy and Liliana in Plaza Grande.


Taina, Colton,  and Aidan standing in front of a well known memorial.


Global To Local’s donations to Casa Victoria; amazing how our hard work and dedication is making a different.


Aboya and Mr. Harvey


Brendin and Alejandro taking a break from the heat.



At the foot of the 900 steps leading towards the Virgin of Quito statue. Will be tackled some time during our trip!!!IMG_0125

Day One group selfie by me (Iggy).


One of many hummingbirds that frequent the garden at Casa Victoria all day long.


Jason, Aidan, Aboya and Colton.


Mid-day soccer tournament in the front yard of Casa Victoria. Colton, Addison and Ms Mac went undefeated.


Best soccer field background ever.


Checking out a local convent.


City-scape of Quito, with the Cathedral in the background.IMG_8496

Aboya and Elise enjoying the walking tour (above and below).



Starting construction on Colton’s Eagle Scout Project into the wee hours of the day.


The statue that overlooks the city and Casa Victoria.

IMG_0143 2

Mamalicia (our host and the inspiring woman who dreamt up Casa Victoria) and I on the roof at the end of our great first day.

For more pictures and videos, please check out our Twitter feed.

Look out for a post from Alejandro Juarez later today.


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4 Responses to Wondering how we’re doing down here?

  1. Carmela says:

    Hi Iggy! Thanks for this awesome post!! Love all these pictures. It feels like I’m right there with you. How is everyone faring with the altitude? Judging from the smiles, it looks like you are all taking it in stride 🙂
    Sending you all my hello’s from Thailand,
    Carmela (FLYTE Board Member)

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  2. It looks as if you’re all having fun and a variety of new experiences!

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  3. blkdrama says:


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  4. mamalicia says:

    Thanks IGGY, for this great post! We LOVE you Iggy….please come back to CV again! mamalicia


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