Casa Victoria

By: Taina Caballero and Colton Andress 

casa_1As you may know, our main stop in our nearing trip to Quito, Ecuador is Casa Victoria. Casa Victoria is a non-profit, grassroots organization located in the neighborhood of San Roque. The foundation is tailored to benefit and aid low-income families in the area. In 2001, Alicia Duran-Ballen and a group of her colleagues created Fundación Casa Victoria. As this idea developed, Alicia, with the help of many others, began creating a home for her foundation. 2007 served as the opening year for the beloved Casa Victoria. This organization allows shelter and guidance to children between the ages of 5 and 13, who have been exposed to the hardships of low income livelihood. It serves as a safe home to children who would have been  on the street, exposed to thieving, prostitution, and drug use if not for the organization.

casa_2Every afternoon, Casa Victoria opens it’s doors to 60 children to help them with homework, read with them, teach them Biblical Principles, computer skills, arts and crafts, and to play soccer. A hot, home-cooked meal is also provided. Also, to provide steady income and support for the organization, a small business is being built in the house’s cellar. Pizza-Café Casa Victoria will generate an enhanced amount of income, allowing for the kids who are apart of the programs at the house to get more supplies and materials for their work and endeavors. As we come closer to our trip, we are absolutely excited to be working alongside Alicia and the kids she’s managed to help through the years!

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  1. Wayne Hall says:

    Keep me in the loop…what a marvelous story. Wayne.

    Wayne Hall


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