Traditions in Ecuador

by Elise and Addison

When most people hear the word Carnival, they think of the the world-famous Brazilian celebration, but instead this festival is celebrated in a lot of other Latin countries as well. Although they have the same name, both of these parties are very different.  This festival is 40 days before Easter prior to the catholic fasting period.  Carnival was basically a time before Lent that allowed the catholic people to go crazy and eat and drinkcarnival as much as they wanted because they wouldn’t be allowed to during their fasting period.  The main event of this party is drenching every visible human being with some sort of liquid.  Being beer, water, or a type of playful, colorful foam called Carioca.  The downside of this celebration is that this sort of thing can sometimes get out of hand and taken to a savage level.  On the days leading up to Carnival, there are T.V announcements urging people to play nice and be courteous to innocent civilians.  There are also nice concerts, different types of food trucks and other ways of celebrating Carnival.  We won’t be there for this part in the Ecuadorian year, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  

CariocaOne of the more notable traditions in Ecuador is the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated every November 2nd. The Day of the Dead is a memorial to loved ones who have died and gone to what is known as “The beyond”. Families in urban and rural areas pr

epare “colada morada,” made from black corn flour and fruits, as well as “Guaguas”, which is just bread molded into the shape of a child. These treats are shared in cemeteries to celebrate those who have passed on and those who still live. Sometimes, some people will clean and decorate the graves of their loved ones as a sign of love and respect. On the way to the cemeteries, Businesses and vendors will be there, selling all kinds of treats, such as candies, flowers, candles, and food. While outsiders might view this as a morbid tradition, the people of Ecuador consider it to be a celebration of life.

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