The Amazon Rainforest

By Elise and Alejandro


Most people understand the Amazon is the largest rain forest on earth.  The rain forest is approximately 2.72 million square miles. amazon_forest The Amazon rain forest is actually a basin, and home to low lands, and high-lands;melting glaciers have also played a part in the increase in low lands in the Amazon

Amazon River

The Amazon extends more than 4,000 miles. This is the same distance from New York City to Rome! The river goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic(We will be on the Pacific side of South America). The Amazon River is also home to piranha, and giant anacondas that can grow to lengths of over 30 feet! Amazon.River.original.2310.jpg


In the rain forest the most thought of creatures are monkeys and colorful birds.  The Toucan is a large bird very well known from the Amazon; with their big colorful beaks they are not hard to miss. There are over 10 million species of animals located in the Amazon rain forest.tocotoucan2

We are hoping to get to experience the Amazon first hand while in Ecuador. When we have free time from volunteering, we plan on going hiking in the rain forest, and exploring one of nature’s greatest gifts. We are only three months away!

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