the center of the earth

So we started our day at our volunteer site, a local school for young children.  We were promptly handed paint brushes and placed in front of a long white wall and instructed to start repainting it white.  We dutifully obliged but were delighted to find out a few minutes later that we would be painting murals for the children.  We were handed pictures of Hello Kitty and some Winnie the Pooh characters and left to our own devices.
Luckily, Hello Kitty is super-easy to draw and we were off to a good start in no time.  The best part was that as we were painting, a few small children walked by and it was so fun to listen to them get all excited about the flying fairy pigs and characters we were painting.

By the time noon rolled around, we were just about finished with today’s work and happy with the results.  For tomorrow, we have been tasked with painting some more complex characters from Winnie the Pooh…pictures to follow just as soon as we figure out how to make them look good on a brick wall!


After lunch, we did something really exciting: we visited the equator and stood straddling it, with one foot in the Northern hemisphere and one foot in the Southern hemisphere. We learned about a tribe in Ecuador that used to shrink heads (look closely at the picture below, which depicts the process…it’s not pretty).  Thankfully, although they still use the head-shrinking procedure, it is now only done on animals (non-humans).

Here we are standing on the Equator.  We learned that it is nearly impossible to walk a straight line there, that water does not drain in a circle as it goes down and that Ms. Mac is AWESOME at balancing eggs at the Equator and got a certificate to prove it (see video at bottom of page).

Fun fact: We were both really excited that you weigh over two pounds less here. (see sign below)

Not so fun fact:  It is just because there is less gravity at the Equator and as soon as we get home, it will be back…PLUS Ecuadorian food is delicious…so…


Who knows what other random skills we will add to painting characters and egg balancing by the end of our adventure…

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7 Responses to the center of the earth

  1. Igancio Salim says:

    Why did they used to shrink the heads of humans? Why did they stop? The city looks awesome! Also, why do the images depict people wearing heads around their neck? Does it symbolize anything? The gravity change on the equator sounds awesome!

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    • Wow, so many good questions…sometimes it was people they captured, sometimes it was people who died and they wanted to memorialize. The ones they wear are the ones they are honoring. It was really interesting!


  2. blkdrama says:

    Hey friend. Wow this is cool!!!!
    Enjoy. I leave today. Hope we can keep up with each other on our adventures.
    You guys rock!

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  3. tomnewpaltz says:

    All I could think of when I read about the head-shrinking was the Zika virus as a modern-day version. Separately, how cool to straddle the equator!

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  4. Cindy V. says:

    I really like how the murals for the children came out. How was your reaction towards shrunken head? What is the head-shrinking procedure? It is a good thing that it is now only done on animals.

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